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To finish your first submission (STEP 6) you must select "NEW USER" from the 'SITE' drop down menu and "NEW USER ACCOUNT" from the 'billing' drop down menu 


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To finish your first submission (STEP 6) you must select "NEW USER" from the 'SITE' drop down menu and "NEW USER ACCOUNT" from the 'billing' drop down menu 

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Faculty and staff may submit jobs for departmental charge back only.

Pay@Pickup print services are for currently enrolled students and is intended for the printing of materials for academic projects.

Note that we CANNOT print textbooks or ANY copyrighted material.*

All print requests are subject to approval.


We accept personal checks and  NazBucks as payment from students only.

Finished orders may be picked up at the Technology & Media Service Desk during Library hours.

 *Note: For printing and copying, the costs are based on quantity of impressions per original, per submission. 
An original is one page in the set of what is being printed or duplicated. 

For instance, if you have a 5-page single sided document to print, you have 5 originals. 
If you have a 5 page double sided document to print , you have 10 originals.



Central Print & Copy Services provides one-stop shopping for the
Nazareth College community’s high-quality print, copy and finishing needs,
with a commitment to timely and accurate turnaround. 

Services include:

Copying and Printing (Black Ink or Color Ink)
Wide-format print and vinyl (posters, banners, signage, etc.)
Comb Binding
Finishing (folding, tabbing, trimming, collating, hole punching, laminating, grommets, foam board mounting)
Scanning of flat originals up to 11"x17"

Wide-format Printing
Costs are calculated by poster dimensions.
Pricing starts at $3.00 per square foot, which equates to approximately $18 for a 24"x36" matte finish poster.
A variety of different substrates are available for your order, from photo-gloss to heavy-weight vinyl.

Finishing Options
stapling (multiple position)
2 & 3-hole punch
booklet production (saddle-stitching and face trimming)
bulk paper cutting
bulk paper folding

is available at a cost of
$.25 per 8.5" x 11"-3mil sheet
$.50 per 8.5" x 11"-10mil sheet
$.35 per 8.5" x 14"-3mil
$.50 per 11" x 17"-3mil sheet
$.75 per 11" x 17"-10mil sheet
We can custom laminate up to 26" wide.

*It is the policy of Nazareth College to comply with all laws and regulations governing the use of copyrighted materials.
Copyright infringement most commonly occurs as a result of the copying of printed material or documents.
The holders of the copyright have the exclusive right to authorize the reproduction of any intellectual property.
Substantial civil and criminal penalties may be imposed for copyright infringement.
There are certain circumstances under which it is permissible to reproduce copyrighted works without the permission of the copyright owner.
Please make sure that all your photocopying requests meet these Fair Use Guidelines.

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